Who is Lola Pearl?

Welcome to our online baking community! Team Lola Pearl includes professional pastry chefs, moms, cake decorators, and everything in between. 

Lola Pearl Bake Shoppe is headed by Lindsay Gregg, in Buffalo, New York. Follow Team LP on Twitter @lolapearlbakes
Editorial Philosophy? My goal is to manifest my love for the culinary arts into accessible everyday entertaining. There’s an inner artist in everyone, you just have to find your medium!

Daily happiness? Covered in pink buttercream frosting.

DIY obsession? Cupcake toppers! It's fun to add new dimension into the little cakes!

Pick your poison, Chocolate or Vanilla? Didn’t you know? Chocolate ganache is nectar of the gods.

Having a party? Embrace your inner Cupcake Queen and customize with your event's theme, or favorite color/cake combination. Cookies, cake pops, and brownies are a fun way to bring in different flavors, not to mention clever vessels for DIY decorating ideas
Email your pictures and they could show up on the blog as a celebrity post!

Trying out a new recipe? Need some baking advice? Send us an email at askLP@lolapearlbakeshoppe.com!
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