Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hearts, sprinkles, and heart sprinkles. 

The word "sprinkles" is even fun to say :) 

FACT: It's hard not being happy while making it rain red heart sprinkles over red velvet cupcakes.
If only Valentine's Day was everyday!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eat Your Feelings: Valentine's Day Cookie Edition

Nothing like hearing the words “eat your feelings” when it’s Valentine’s Day. It is best to eat your feelings during the month of February. February has the holiday for lovers. Lovers of chocolate. Lovers of sweet and tangy. Chocolate covered pieces of sweet. Chocolate covered this, pink and red that. 
This time of year, conversation hearts are the perfect opportunity to give and eat what you feel. Remember, if you get what you give, give yourself or your special someone a plate of conversation heart cookies. Grab a “big daddy” or “love stinks”. 

But remember: focus on you and you will certainly receive!
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rose Cookies for Valentine's Day

Look twice at these cookies....
These rose cookies are really upside-down bells! 
Inspired by You Can't Judge A Cookie By It's Cutter, these cookies have another use for the traditional Christmas bell!
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Do you dream in cookies and cream? + Oreo Buttercream RECIPE

Raise your hand if you love 
all things cookies and cream?! 
Okay. Put your hand back down and keep reading. 

Valentine's Day is all about getting smothered in favorite flavors. Whether you are smothering yourself, or the one you love, cookies and cream cupcakes are a splendid idea!

Behind the Apron Tip
Oreo buttercream is super easy to make at home. First, follow our favorite buttercream recipe. Then add your favorite cookies into a food processor. 

(Don't worry about pulverizing too many, 
you can use it as garnish!) 

Add cookie mixture into the finished buttercream and mix until combined and you're satisfied with the chocolate cookie flavor.

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Happy February!

Roses are red, 
Cupcakes are pink. 
Sugar around cupcakes make them oh, so sweet!
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