Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sponge Candy: Queen of Chocolates

I've always wondered how to make sponge candy. That is, UNTIL NOW! I recently stumbled upon this very easy DIY sponge candy recipe, complete with step by step directions (and photos)! I CANNOT WAIT to make a batch of these dairy-free goodies for my niece and nephew when they come visit in a few weeks! Looks a bit messy, but as in all things in life - those that require the most work are the most rewarding, right?? ;)
sponge candy

That brings us to the oh-so-inevitable debate: 
Which flavor is the best? Milk, Orange or Dark??

Which type of sponge candy is your favorite?
Milk Chocolate - without a doubt!
Orange Chocolate - nothing else like it!
Dark Chocolate - classic!
All of the above!

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