Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake to take on TLC!

On July 16, "DC Cupcakes" will premier at 10 pm EST on TLC. I've heard rumblings about this show since the fall and am thrilled to see that there is an air date!! Here is an excerpt from a recent write up from  TheGeorgetownDish.com  with the show's executive producer, Terence Noonan:

The Dish: So how do they make five thousand cupcakes every day? TN: Well, I met Sophie and Katherine when I ordered cupcakes for someone's birthday two years ago, and I thought to myself, How do they do this? And when you have to make that many cupcakes every day, there are always things going wrong.

They have to turn out perfect cupcakes because that's how they've grown their reputation, and they crash every single day .... The shop is filled with lots of people, them, employees, their mother, because every single day they start from scratch. They don't use frozen batter from the night before, so they have bakers, managers, young people, lots of people crowded in there.

The Dish: So it's a reality show... Did they approach you for that?
TN: It's a reality show ... and it lets you know the good, the bad, and the ugly of cupcake making. I think the interesting thing about Sophie and Katherine is they always wanted to have a baking show. And for two years they worked really hard to get themselves out there, going on The Today Show, Martha Stewart's show, get the attention of the media, and get a TV show. They built their brand up and it paid off.

People always think, how does this happen? I literally cold-called them, said, I don't know you, you don't know me, but I'm a four-time Emmy winner, I wrote a book called Starring You!, why don't we work together on your brand and your PR, and getting exposure. We literally started shooting home video on the weekend, and ultimately, it led to a show getting sold to TLC.

Wow! What luck!! Can't wait to set the DVR and take notes!! Will you watch??

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