Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spotlight On: Proposal Cookies for an Engagement Party

We are in love with these cookies almost as much as we love the happy betrothed couple that they are for! 
These super cute sugar cookies are a great favor for an engagement party or bridal shower!
Keep reading for "how-to" instructions: 

1. Dip cookies in thinned (microwaved) icing (traditional butter icing works). Let dry.

2. Using white royal icing (recipe here), pipe border around all cookies. Let dry.

3. Using black royal icing, pipe the head of the man and draw body/legs/arm. Create the woman the same way; however, pipe the triangle from the head, (starting down then coming back up for the arm) making a swift flow of movement with your tip (and not bringing it off the cookie).

6. Add the dragee and flower for embellishment.

7. Let dry overnight before moving and transporting.
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