Monday, October 28, 2013

As Seen on TV: Vampire Brownie Bites // Easy Halloween DIY Recipe

Looking for something fun and festive to make for your Halloween party? Try your hand in these vampire brownies! It's super easy and kid-friendly - perfect if you're looking for something quick and impressive!

What you need:
Brownie mix
Chocolate sandwich cookies
Nerd candies
Candy Corn

Prepare brownies according to package/recipe.
Let cool and cut into even rectangles.
Trim off the edges of sides of rectangle to resemble a coffin (trim short edges on one side, longer edges on opposite)

Cut off the white tip of the candy corn. Cut the white piece in half so that they are even in size.
Twist off one of the cookies, leaving one cookie with cream filling.
Mark with a knife a triangular peak on the top of the cream.
Place two nerds of the same color as eyes.
Construct the fangs beneath the eyes near mouth.

Secure onto brownie coffins with frosting or cream cheese buttercream. 

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