Monday, October 24, 2011

As Seen On TV: "Trick or Treat" Cupcakes HOW TO

These spooktacular cupcakes are super fun for a Halloween get together. All it takes is some plastic storage bags, frosting and some food coloring, and you've got yourself a nice little kid-friendly activity! 

Behind the Apron "How Too" after the jump! 

Trick or Treat cupcakes:
2-3 containers of vanilla frosting
1 box cake mix (makes 12 standard cupcakes + 24 mini cupcakes)

“Treat” Candy Corn cupcakes:
-24 Mini vanilla cupcakes

-Start with yellow then add red in same bowl to make orange once you've bagged the yellow frosting in your plastic zip-locked sandwich bag

“Trick” Brain Cupcakes:
-12 vanilla cupcakes
-Splashes of red food coloring

Flip plastic bags inside out
Fill all 4 bags with colored frosting

At this point, you should have one of each:
1. yellow
2. orange
3. white
4. "brain matter" white

Cut 1/4 inch off corner tip of bag


Candy Corn cupcakes: (BEHIND THE APRON: Remember to do this as an assembly line! Frost all of your cupcakes yellow, then orange, then white!) 

Squeeze the frosting colors and top with a piece of candy corn

Brain cupcakes: (BEHIND THE APRON: First, divide the cupcake into hemispheres!) 
1. Pipe a line on the "right hemisphere" away from your body, swooping around the edge of the cupcake, making an open smiley face.

2. Squeeze a swirl in the middle of the smile like a snake, making sure that the sides do not overlap, but snug next to each other.
This may take a few tries! 
But no worries, your friends and family will love them because you put in the effort!! 

Send us pictures of your ghoulish creations!!
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