Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY Sushi cupcakes for your New Year's party!

Whether or not you eat seafood does not matter in order to enjoy these sushi cupcakes! This is the perfect cupcake to bring to or make for your New Year's Eve party! Gummy fish, coconut and green "wasabi" frosting are all you need for these adorable treats!
What you need:
Mini cupcakes
Frosting (canned or homemade)
Green food coloring
Fresh coconut
Gummy fish and various gummy candies
Sandwich bag

How to channel your inner sushi chef:
1. Prep gummies (cutting some in half)
2. Set aside frosting to color green
2. Frost half of cupcakes with white (or vanilla/coconut) frosting
3. Top frosted cupcakes with shaved coconut 
4. Color frosting into a lighter shade of green 
5. Using a sandwich baggie as a piping bag, cover the remaining cupcakes with green frosting

Don't forget to display your cupcakes on something cute like a cake plate or tiered platter! 

Happy New Year!! xo
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